Industrial reciprocating plunger pumps are manufacuted in 2 catagories, the first being a low pressure pump of 120 bar up to 430 litre per minute. The second pump catagory being a high pressure pump with flow rates from 16 - 32 litre per minute up to 2800 bar.

Pumps are designed in the latest technology :

  • Self aligning plungers
  • Force-feed oil lubrication system
  • Integrated oil cooling system
  • Tungsten plungers (ceramic)
  • Gear ratios for diesel or electric drive motors
  • For specific pressure or flow rate.

Kemfied are also manufacturers of homogenising pumps for food or cosmetic industries. Specialising in high viscose organic media, up to 500 000 centipoise.


Since 2005 Kemfied High Pressure Pumps are operative as C&I homogenising but the trade name Kemfied remains the same.

We also manufacture and supply the following accessories:

  • Footvalves-guns
  • Rotary nozzles for pipe cleaning
  • Rotary nozzles for outside surface cleaning.
  • High pressure hoses and solid jet nozzles.
  • Special purpose nozzles are available on request.
  • Unloader valves.
  • Gauges and safety valves (automatically re-setable).

we also supply for the ultra high pressure pump range rapture discs type safety vales.